TheraTears Product Overview

One of the main causes of dry eye is known as osmolarity, meaning the moisture coming off the eye surface which causes the gritty, sandy, itchy sensation. The concept of osmocorrection was based on the scientific finding of the person that developed the TheraTears range of products namely, the Late Dr. Jeffrey Gilbard whose breakthrough research showed that increased tear film osmolarity was the underlying cause of dry-eye irritation and surface disease. Twenty years ago this was considered a truly radical idea.

Next to refractive error, dry eye is probably the most common chronic eye condition or disease seen in patients. Tears are a salt solution and, just like serum electrolytes, these salts are very important for the health of the eye surface. But what happens in dry eye, is that the tears lose water and become too “concentrated” with salt. Osmosis pulls water out of the surface of the eye making it dry. When the tear film loses water and becomes more concentrated, we say that it’s “osmolarity” is increased.

TheraTears Lubricating Eye Drops   Eyecare 37

TheraTears Lubricant Eye Drops “osmocorrect” the tear microenvironment, reducing the concentration of salt that can lead to ocular surface irritation and inflammation. TheraTears eye drops are hypotonic, so they lower the elevated tear osmolarity-not just wetting and lubricating, but actually rehydrating dry eyes.

TheraTears Eye Drops is the only lubricant drop that not only corrects osmolarity, but also uniquely mimics the electrolyte balance of the human tear


Empty contents of one vial over both eyes over a 5-minute period until empty after opening. Depending on one’s condition, you may need to dose a number of times daily or as recommended by the eye care professional

TheraTears Liquid Gel             Eyecare 32

TheraTears Gel contains the same properties as TheraTears Lubricating Eye Drops, however is more viscus (thicker) than the Lubricating Eye Drops.

TheraTears Liquid Gel is a more viscus version of the Lubricating Drops meaning that it is a thicker version and most people tend to use this late in the evening, just before going to sleep. If used during the day, one should drop one or two drops into each eye and sit for a few minutes until ones vision clears as this will impair a person’s vision for a short period of time once applied.


1-2 Drops in each eye as needed or as recommended by the eye care professional. Use at night-time, just before going to sleep. If used during the day, sit for a few minutes until your vision clears as it is viscus ((thick).

SteriLid          EyeCareSolutions 30

SteriLid is a Science-Based Solution for Daily Lid Hygiene which is gentle on the eye.

SteriLid is a convenient and effective way to cleanse the eyelids and eyelashes!

Lid hygiene to maintain eyelid health has never been easier. SteriLid not only cleanses the eyelids and eyelashes, but also conditions the delicate skin around the eyelids with hypoallergenic, pH-matched-to-skin formula.

SteriLid must only be used externally on the eyelids and people need to be cautious not to get it into the eye when applying it.

People need to remove contact lenses prior to using SteriLid.

Eye infections during and after eye surgery come from bacteria found on the eyelids and eyelashes, Cleanliness of the eyelids and eyelashes helps insure successful eye surgery.

Research indicated that eyes that are dry contain bacteria on the eyelids and eyelashes. These bacteria contribute to dry eye.

Apply once daily. Depending on the person’s condition, you may need to use it twice daily or as recommended by the eye care professional

TheraTears NutritionNutrition

TheraTears Nutrition is a healthy dietary supplement with omega-3 –oils

Dry eye causes the eye irritation that generally gets worse as the day goes on, while blepharitis causes the irritation that is most noticeable when you open your eyes in the morning.

TheraTears Nutrition contains healthy omega-3 oils from the flaxseed plant and from cold-water fish purified to contain no mercury or PCB’s. Doctors and nutritionists have long recognized that

omega-3s help combat heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. It has been shown that omega-3s are critical for the health of the eyelids, tears and eye surface-critical for maintaining moist, comfortable eyes.

Whilst, people can by flaxseed oil in health food stores and in pharmacies, some products may contain Lignan-rich Flaxseed oil. It turns out that Lignin-rich flaxseed oil is rich in phytoestrogens and it’s known that estrogens actually make dry eye worse. TheraTears Nutrition is Lignan free and it contains EPA & DHA pharmaceutical active omega 3s . Each soft gel is enriched with vitamin E to maintain the integrity of these high grade quality oils.

Facts on TheraTears Nutrition

    • GE free and organic product
    • No ingredients sourced from endangered plants or animals
    • No testing of the product involved cruelty to animals

Recommended Dosage:

3 Soft gel capsules daily for the first 3 months, thereafter as recommended by the eye care professional.


Is a natural based product that may be useful for the management of chronic conjunctivitis and dry eye with no antibiotics, no preservatives and no known side effects. Used for dry eye cases for symptomatic relief.

Oculocin Propo is an eye drop that aids inflammation, stressed, irritated and dry eyes which can be associated with chronic long term conjunctivitis

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Paragon CRTParagon

Contact Lens Corneal Refractive Therapy is a fitting procedure that temporarily corrects or greatly reduces near sightedness (known by the medical name, myopia) with or without astigmatism after contact lenses have been removed. By temporary, it is meant that the contact lenses are worn while sleeping (overnight) and then removed upon awaking; where upon the near sightedness remains corrected or greatly reduced for all or most of your waking hours. The exact time period over which the myopia remains corrected varies with each person. Generally, Paragon CRT (Corneal Refractive Therapy) must be worn each night to maintain the effect.

There is a childhood myopia epidemic globally, as children play on their ipads, mobile phones and on computers. High levels of myopia doubles the risk of serious ocular health problems such as:

            • Retinal Detachment •Glaucoma
            • Cataracts • Blindness

When left uncorrected, myopia can also affect a child’s ability to learn and develop!

Paragon CRT is a specially designed therapeutic contact lens worn while sleeping that reshapes the cornea without permanently altering its physiology-which is important as the eyes of children and teens are still maturing.

Paragon CRT lenses are worn at night while sleeping and removed in the morning. The result: clear vision the whole day whether children are in class or in a game.

Most people wearing Paragon CRT lenses will see a dramatic improvement in the first few days, with complete vision correction within 1-2 weeks.

Paragon CRT is safe and effective. Part of the safety profile lies in the fact that if you stop wearing the lenses, your vision will return to its previous level.

No Glasses…..No daytime contacts…..No surgery…..Just Great Vision!

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