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Contact Lens Centre Australia is headed from our offices in Melbourne, distributing high quality eye care products and contact lens solutions to practitioners and pharmacies throughout Australia. CLCA is uniquely partnered with Corneal Lens Corporation New Zealand to produce and distribute speciality contact lenses, including RGP’s, custom made soft lenses and scleral lenses to practitioners throughout Australia.

All lenses are made in a humidity and temperature-controlled environment that has state of the art facilities including the latest DAC ALM lathes with every lens being laser engraved for tracking purposes.
Contact Lens Centre are also distributors for disposable contact lenses and Ortho-K lenses. Some of the brands Contact Lens Centre works with are VTI (NaturalVue), Brighten Optix, Akorn (TheraTears), and Menicon.

The sMap 3D, a fluorescence based structured light topographer is another big part of the Contact Lens Centre. It is a precision surface mapping system that can obtain detailed maps of the cornea and sclera, much like a fingerprint where no two are the same. Patients who have a complex cornea can now get an optimal fit with a freeform design and we now are able to resolve those who have advanced keratoconus and post corneal grafts.

Contact Lenses


Contact Lens Centre supplies dry eye products including the TheraTears Range which are TheraTears Gel and Drops, Nutrition & Sterilid as well as Lumecare 0.5% & 1% along with the Evolve preservative multidose range to Optometrists and Pharmacies throughout Australia.

Contact Lens Centre also supply contact lens solution from the Menicon range along with a range of accessories for contact lenses. This includes the DMV range, which are good for helping to insert and remove RGP’s, Soft lenses and Ortho-K lenses.


Although we distribute specialised contact lenses, we are also the distributors for NaturalVue Multifocal Lenses. The NaturalVue multifocal lenses are great for patients suffering from presbyopia or myopia. Brighten Optix Ortho-K lenses are another lens we distribute, which are available in sphere and toric designs.

The Ortho K toric is great for patients who have a high astigmatism New lathe technologies & powerful computer programs make limbus to limbus astigmatism no longer a contraindication to ortho-K treatment.


sMap 3D is a fluorescence based structured light topographer with more than 22mm range and 360 degree scleral coverage. It is a precision surface mapping system that has exceptional accuracy with 10-micron precision and up to 1 million measure points. The sMap 3D can obtain detailed maps of the cornea and sclera, much like a fingerprint where no two are the same.

The system provides a guide of all the parameters which can be modified to provide a lens that conforms optimally to the corneal and scleral surface.

Account Managers

Contact Lens Centre is based in Melbourne with Account Managers situated throughout Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. All our Account Managers have a wealth of knowledge on dry eye products, contact lenses and the sMap 3D and their contact information can be found on the contact page of the website.

Distributors for Corneal Lens Corporation NZ

We are the distributors of speciality contact lenses for our parent company, Corneal Lens Corporation NZ where all lenses are made on ALM multi tooling system with robotic loading and laser technology ensure that the quality of the lenses produced are submicron, which is supported by a team of specialist technicians manufacturing the lenses.