Contact Lens Centre Australia Ltd is a privately owned company established in 2000 and is based in Clayton, Victoria.

The company is the Australian operations of “Corneal Lens Corporation New Zealand” which is the largest custom made lens manufacturer in New Zealand, specializing in unique high quality prescription contact lenses with the ability to manufacture all types of lenses.

As well as distributing CLCNZ custom made contact lenses to Australian optometrists, Contact Lens Centre Australia is the exclusive Australian distributor of the TheraTears range of unique ‘dry eye’ products and the sole distributor of Oculocin Propo eye drops which treats chronic conjunctivitis naturally without antibiotics and is preservative free.

We are also the exclusive distributor of the Paragon CRT for Ortho-K system. Through intense research and clinical testing Paragon CRT is a proven safe and effective way to control Myopia in patients of all ages when worn during sleeping hours. The result is great vision 24 hours a day- without the lenses during waking hours and while they are in at night.

An ongoing pro-active approach by Contact Lens Centre Australia Ltd’s team will ensure Total Customer Satisfaction to all optical practices and we adopt a methodology of ‘Zero Defect’ in our manufacturing and supply chain management.