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The Ideal Eye Drops for Dry Eyes

If you live with dry eyes, then you’ve probably tried a few different eye drops either in single-dose vials or in bottles containing preservatives. There are a couple of points to consider with that.


Bottled eye drops often contain preservatives because, each time you open the bottle, the contents are exposed to the air.  However, daily use of preservative-laced eye drops have the potential to corrode the cornea over time.

The preservative-free option usually means choosing a single-dose vial but that’s where Evolve Carmellose Eye Drops can come in.

 RRP $34.95

Preservative free

Easy to use


Environmentally Friendly

Suitable for LASIK and contact lenses

Evolve Carmellose Eye Drops – the best of both worlds

Evolve Carmellose Eye Drops is a soothing eye drop that helps relieve the discomfort of mild, moderate and severe dry eyes.

It’s a preservative-free solution in a multi-use bottle.

How? Because of the unique patented bottle design:

Sterile solution flows through a one-way valve

Side filter prevents any bacteria entering the bottle

Preservatives aren’t needed to kill bacteria because the bacteria can’t get into the bottle in the first place.

One bottle of Evolve Carmellose Eye Drops lasts for 90 days. That’s equal to 3 boxes of single-dose vials or 3 bottles of normal eye drops.

Have the best of both worlds

Evolve Carmellose Eye Drops offer immediate relief of dry eye symptoms in a preservative-free multi-use bottle.



Available in a multi-dose bottle

Contact lens friendly

LASIK friendly

250 drops

Lasts 3 months once opened

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